refreq 2
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refreq2 – your fully customizable music player

This is not a startup. This is the diploma project of Daniel Feles. It’s now available for free.

The story

The original concept (refreq) comes from a small psychedelic story.

One day when I woke up, I had a strong feeling that the track I’d just heard while sleeping would be perfect for a documentary that I happened to be working on -- except that it would have to be rotated 90 degrees. Despite having never worked with sound before, I was so inspired by this idea that I started to dig deep into the physics of sound. Through my research, I discovered aspects of the sound world I’d never heard before -- spectrograms, harmonies -- that only generated more curiosity. All of this lead me to build this audio project,  which I’ve called refreq.

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It’s free!

No freemium. No Premium. No Ads. As I said, it’s not a startup.
Am I crazy? You may ask. No. I believe, that this stuff just should be available.
I want to see what others would use such a thing.
Drop me a mail if you think your stuff is worth sharing you made with this.

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